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Date November 27, 2019

Houston Style Photo Credit: Vicki Pink for the Photo with all of the Ladies

Since 2009, Ms. Baker’s has been supporting the Diamond and Pearls Mothers Organization.  She has provided Ms. Yvette Adams support through many diverse resources.  Their first project was assisting women in the Here and Now Program along with Ms. Young. Plans of Action Houston has attended several events and encouraged the assistance and collaborations of others as this organization is impacting and enriching the lives of women and children.

“I am very proud of Yvette.  She has taken her passion and created a place for all mothers to attend Mother’s Day  and more through her actions.   I have watched,  participated and/or supported in the growth of the organization evolution.  Yvette works really hard and sacrifices more than people will ever know.  I am always looking forward to seeing what she and her team will do next.” ~ Leona Baker, CEO Plans of Action Houston

“Diamonds and Pearls Mothers is an inter-faith, non-political, non-profit organization, community catalyst, empowering women and children, ages infant to 18 years old, through resources and strategic partnerships that will help them become self-sufficient. We also recognize the invaluable contributions mothers make to the future, success and happiness of children and society.” ~ Diamond and Pearls Mothers Organization


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