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Date October 27, 2019

On October 26, 2019, Plans of Action Houston was invited to attend a private Legacy Dinner by CleRenda McGrady, CEO of PUSH Girls Academy.  This extravagant and unforgettable event helped to raise monies to support the brilliant girls at the academy. DJ. Ferbidden was on deck with the surround sound. 

The Heart of the Program
“I created PUSH Girls Academy from a place of longing to belong in a girls mentoring and social group when I was younger. Unfortunately, an invitation had to be extended for some groups. I didn’t have any of the external qualifications or social influences that would afford me the opportunity to be invited. I remember the feeling of not quite fitting the mold and being overlooked. I was motivated with potential and dreams just as much as those that were invited, so I could never understand why I wasn’t able to be a part. Therefore, it was important for me to create an organization for girls who had just as much drive, aspirations and dreams as the next girl, but who like me, never received that invitation to be a part. Proudly, PUSH Girls Academy is comprised of 25 girls who “received an invitation!” ~ CleRenda McGrady

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