CLICK The BOOK.    Our Community consists of books & products, community leaders and non-profit organizations.  Section I. Books and products are essential EDUCATIONAL tools to help identify specific habits and details required to accomplish particular goals.  As a result, Plans of Action Houston has shared information about several books and products in the “SPOT LIGHT”.

Section II.   COMMUNITY LEADERS are the cornerstone of our community  Section III.  Let us not forget our local NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Leading the charge to provide resources.

Most books may be found on Amazon and more.  There are photos listed on the front page under “Our Impact in Action”.   However, to view the complete gallery of all photos and books, click on the link “What we do” and then access the gallery.  After clicking on a photo, click on “View Details” to read about the books and/or the events listed.

SECTION I.  BOOKS  & Products (scroll down to view all)

a. Curuhj Cosmetics by Brittany Ray is the hottest new product available to all women  in Houston and beyond.  Be bold. Be Brave. Be you. 



b.  Who is Bryan Carroll? Yes he is the author of “Super Sharing” but he is also the man behind several community empowerment brands. 

Watch the brief video below as he showcases his charismatic personality and savvy business practices to help empower youth, build teams while transforming lives and more.


c. About being Motherless,  Mary’s Little GOAT The Book, by Lala Dunn

“The Author, Lala Dunn of Mary’s Little Goat children series, understands that losing the female protector in a young ladies life at any age is a pain that cuts the entire core of your body, mind and soul.  The author knows Motherless daughters are misunderstood and she is off to a mission to inspire these daughters.

To all of my Motherless Goddesses, although your decisions in life may be cloudy due to nowt having that mother reassurance, if you fall, call on God, get back up, press forward, head held high and remind yourself, that yes, there will be unthinkable challenges in your life that will knock unthinkable challenges in your life that will knock you down on the ground so hard but it’s okay, get back up again and remind yourself, the love you shared with your mommy.” Lala Dunn


d. About Fatherless The Book by Author Sy Bryant


Fatherlessness is a plague overrunning our nation.  The outcome has left unprecedented damage reeling within the lives of fatherless children and the communities left to sustain them. In fact, according to

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes, 90% of all homeless and runaways are fatherless, 85% of all children with behavioral disorders are fatherless, 80% of all rapist with anger problems are fatherless, 71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father, 75% of the adolescents who participate in substance abuse are fatherless,  70% of the Juveniles in state institutions have no father. and the list goes on.

Yet, some single mothers rise above and beyond the challenge. Somehow, they mange to raise children destined to be whole, unique and productive citizens in society.   This book “Fatherless” by Sy Bryant is a collection of poems detailing his emotions and outlining his experience of being Fatherless. Whether you are a parent, a fatherless child, or a member of the community impacted by the negative behaviors of fatherless children, this book is for you.  To engage with Sy directly, you can visit his website at  or join the conversation at the Inspiration Incubator VIP (Visionaries In Purpose ) Private Facebook Group, patreon/leonabaker   Enjoy!

e. About  Beautiful Toxicity The Book by Author Ontaria Kim Wilson


SECTION II. Community Leaders 

I. About Hugo Mojica

If you are interested in having a Community Leader speak at your event, Hugo Mojica is the man for the job. To learn more:





1. About CSEIA 


2. About STEM Bridges Houston

Are you in need of a scholarship in STEM?  Do you have the desire to become an intern or to volunteer?  For additional information please log onto


3. About Sisters Network 

If you are in need of resources, emotional, and financial support pertaining to the different levels of breast cancer ( pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, post diagnosis) please contact Sisters Network.   You can also donate to help impacting the lives of others in need.  To learn more:

4. About Inspire Women 

If you are in need of connecting through a spiritual sisterhood,  resources and in need of a scholarship for biblical studies, contact Inspire Women today!


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