The Inspiration Incubator ~ A Podcast

The Inspiration Incubator ~ A Podcast

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Click on the podcast link below and experience a personal look into the life of  Malik Rose, a product of Overbrook High School and Drexel University!  The two time NBA Champion (1999 & 2003), San Antonio Spur Hall of Fame winner is very candid about his experience growing up in Philly. Rose played 13 seasons in the NBA.  Leona Baker, his former classmate, is not shy about pulling out those golden nuggets filled with the many lessons his mother taught him along with mentors during his reign in the NBA and prior to.  This episode will be for everyone.  It’s the perfect program for a family to gather together and enjoy the storytelling experience.  Malik is a true leader and example for our youth of all ages and men.



PODcast: Rose



TRAILER: Marina Angelica Coryat



PODcast: Marina A. Coryat



TRAILER: Doctor Tamara Beckford

Join Us Tonight 7:00, September 16, 2020 pm CST, Anchor, Spotify, or where all of the podcast episodes are listed. Telemedicine may be perfect for some of your medical needs. Doctor Beckford is passionate about patient care. She loves educating her patients about ways to improve their health. As the Founder, she is launching a telemedicine urgent care named UR Caring Docs. To sign up for services or contact Dr. Tamara Beckford



PODcast: Doctor Tamara Beckford



Plans of Action Houston celebrates the life and legacy of Chadwick Boseman.


Houston’s Honorable Hollingsworths –  The Doctors are in the building.

Mrs. Hollingsworth possesses a Doctoral in Clinical Psychology, owns and operates two Psychological Practices while instructing as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology at Texas Southern University.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hollingsworth possesses his Doctorate in Chemistry. He is a member of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of St. Thomas (UST) in Houston, Texas. In addition to leading a research team, Dr. Hollingsworth serves as the faculty co-advisor for the UST Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS), as well as the UST Chapter of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE).
This is just the tip of the iceberg! Did I mention their daughter has an animated youtube channel, Gracie’s Corner, and they are a family of five?
Let’s unpack these two this Wednesday, as they share details about their journey, together.
TRAILER: Hollingsworths

PODcast: Hollingsworths


Houston’s Hispanic Hero, Hugo Mojica – During this episode with Hugo, he has been quoted as saying “I am the embodiment of the American Dream.”  We thoroughly enjoyed his journey as a Community Leader here in Houston Texas.


PODcast: Mojica


In The Huddle with Felicia Young –  During Episode 2 of Season 1, Felicia Young shares her journey of faith.  Years ago, when she was at her lowest point in life, Ms. Young received a prophecy that God would greatly bless her through her only beloved son. After overcoming many obstacles, her son did indeed get drafted by the NFL . Join her on a true testament of God’s plan.

PODcast: Young

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