Devon Franklin

Devon Franklin

Date February 9, 2019 Author Leona Baker

Marcus Davis, owner of the Breakfast Klub, has afforded opportunities for the Houston Community to experience educational exposure.  The access provided to Dr. Maya Angelou’s lecture and Devon Franklin’s wisdom is priceless.  Thank you Marcus. May you continue to prosper while reaching back to empower others.

An Excerpt ~ Devon Franklin, What Men and Women need to know The Truth About Men.  

If you’re a woman and you’ve been cheated on, I know there are no words to express the pain you feel. Once the damage is done, it becomes very difficult to put the pieces back together.  No one can tell you exactly what to d, not even me.  However, what I would suggest is to not make any rash decisions, take the time to collect yourself, pray and assess the road ahead.  Much of what I’ve tried to lay out in this chapter can give you the necessary tools to help your process how to best respond to the devastating betrayal of your love and trust.  My payers are with you as you navigate this situation and I want you to know you’re not alone.  You can rebuild, whether you choose to do so inside or independently of your current relationship.


Forgiveness is one of the main aspects of repairing the damage.  If you have committed an offense, I encourage you to see forgiveness from the one you have offended. It’s not enough to feel badly and not say anything.  When you ask for forgiveness, you are accepting responsibility and accountability for your actions.

About Devon Franklin:

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