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What do we do? We empower and leverage resources by filling in gaps through an educational platform.

Media Kit

CLICK THE PHOTO: Step 1. View interview withy Dialogue Houston’s Laurence “Larry” Payne.  2. Scroll Down to view each section of the media kit, eight sections total.    It was truly a pleasure discussing, the lack of resources many citizens are experiencing in this Covid-19 Climate.  Simultaneously, obligator’s were encouraged to identify their area of


CLICK THE FLYER: Disclaimer & Legalities: I. Operating Filing Status Plans of Action Houston is a limited liability company (LLC) founded in the great state of Texas.   II. Trademarks & Copy Rights Plans of Action Houston is a trademark entity. It is protected with privileges authorized within the state of Texas and throughout the United


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Click The Photo for All Resources Listed.   In our resource section you will find a list of  Winter Emergency Relief Resources, Covid-19 Resources and more.    The City of Houston remains steadfast and proves to be a pillar of strength in the time of need for citizens.  The leadership displayed throughout the City of


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Click the Photo. We fill in educational gaps when providing exceptional services.  FREE services: legacy planning pre-assessment contingency calls where inquires are made regarding life insurance, annuities, internships & some virtual events.  Paid services: secure a speaker, become a published author, build educational & virtual programs. Personal Development: life coaching, self actualization, relationship & recovery. 

Why Work With Us?

Our operational principals and processes supports clients with sustaining business equity, while successfully achieving goals.

Our Actionable Imprint

Clients and community connections are sharing their testimonials.

Hugo Mojica, President at LULAC Council 402/Community Affairs & Astros Foundation Coordinator at Houston Astros

If you are looking for a community leader with a proven track record to provide services, leverage resources, and make things happen through an educational platform, I have personally witnessed the work Leona Baker has done. She is very strategic and exceeds expectations.

Safina Ebrahim, University of Houston,C.T. Bauer College of Business BBA, Management and Marketing and Graduate

Leona Baker was a great manager. I had the opportunity to work with her during my internship on a project. She was a multi-tasker, a great communicator, and able to manage her heavy workload. I enjoyed working with her so much that I even volunteered for her a couple years later.

AB, President/Beverly Strategic Planning Group Real Estate Developing/TMT Mayweather Affiliations

As a businessman, I am always looking to invest my funds, while expanding my brand and portfolio. Yet there is no greater investment than providing for your family and changing the lives of others. Daily, I recognize my responsibility to give back to my community. When I received a call from Plans of Action Houston to sponsor several men and women who wanted to attend an educational event in Philadelphia, I immediately took action. Plans of Action Houston provided me with a thorough report of my return on investment and the event was top-shelf. Anthony Beverley, President | Beverley Strategic Planning Group Real Estate Developing · Investment Diversification

Dr. J, CEO and Founder of STEM Bridges Houston

Reintroducing myself to our Houston community through an innovative STEM platform required support and resources in many forms. Plans of Action Houston provided solutions as a sponsor and action coach for our First Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony. As the founder, of STEM Bridges Houston, a non-profit organization, I am looking forward to the global impact Plans of Action Houston will make. Together, we are a bridge. ~ Dr. Jacqueline Howard Carr, Founder and CEO of STEM Bridges Houston

Kori Crenshaw, Overbrook High School Class of 1992 Planning Committee Member

Plans of Action Houston served as the platinum sponsor and action coach at our 25th class reunion, for Overbrook High School, the castle on the hill. Due to the timeline and unexpected happenings, the stress of planning an event of that magnitude was initially daunting and tedious. Plans of Action Houston provided clarity, vision, strategy and focus as we proceeded with a team to execute an unforgettable night of fellowship while acknowledging prominent community leaders apart of our school's legacy. #OverbookPanthers

Deborah Baker

I never thought that I would need short-term and long-term disability but when the time came, I was prepared. I had enough money to cover all of my bills and took off months from work to recover without my daughter and my household being impacted. I am grateful for the options Plans of Action Houston provided through exposing me to life insurance options and the flexibility it provides to protect my family's livelihood. Thank you Plans of Action Houston! Knowledge is Power.

Our Mission Statement

Plans of Action Houston exists to empower our multicultural global community through exposure, education and resources for all.


# of Teachers in the USA


# of small businesses in the USA


# of families Lacking Life Insurance in the USA


# of non-profits in the USA

We can mobilize to make an impact.

7.53 billion people in our global community. What are some of the global gaps?

21 %

Global Population that Lacks Adequate Housing

50 %

Global Need for Health Services

11 %

Global Population Living on Less Than $1.90/Day

7 %

Global Possession of a College Degree

Our Community Connections

Our partners make it possible for us to expand and mobilize responsibly. We thank you. You are appreciated.

Enlightment ~The BLOG

We are here to evoke you and awaken your mind's eye, allowing yourself to become more of who you are destined to be through inspiration. We offer encouragement through inspirational stories of community leaders who have transformed barriers into breakthroughs. Dare to dream and commit to taking action steps while filling in your gaps. It is our intention that through collective enlightenment, the seed we plant today will take root and form the foundation for you to WIN tomorrow.

My Commitment & Calling. Our Cancer Survivor & Co-survivor Story.

Our lives were forever changed when Mommy took her last breath.  My siblings and I figured lung cancer and the lasting pain it creates, would never be a fate of ours again, since none of us smoked. The dark cloud that the debilitating disease of cancer settles over its victims and survivors would be gone,

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Inside Houston City Council Member Dr. Letitia Plummer’s Budget Amendment for Police Reform

George Floyd is a household name.  How the world chooses to move forward beyond his untimely demise may give him one of two titles moving forward as either a sacrificial lamb, (one who eradicated police reform beyond the grave) or a forgotten symbol of hope.  Breonna Taylor’s name is also ushering in a wave of

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#Planforward Family Engagement is for Everyone.

In times of uncertainty, children can be very resilient.  They tend to use their imaginations to retreat into a world within themselves.  The creativity they possess can be expressed in many ways. Oftentimes, mishaps during simple tasks are camouflaged as learning opportunities.   As they are observed completing tasks, essentially during playtime, their inquisitiveness and passions

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Immune System Booster. Cognitive Skills Sharpener. Bakergirls Homemade Soup

I am so grateful for all the things our elders taught us to prepare for a time such as this. We were also gifted with basic survival skills. Mommie used to make us eat every fruit and vegetable created by God and man..lolol! Grandmother Baker, taught us how to season and measure with our fingers,

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KOBE Bryant Philadelphia’s Black Pearl

             There are few hidden treasures in this world.  Amongst them, Kobe Bryant. Considering his gateway into sports, some may say he was destined to leave his mark on this planet utilizing his skills, gifts and talents.  In 1975, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, was a professional athlete who played basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers.  The same year,

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The Creative Educator

What is art?  Some may say it is whatever you choose for it to be. Others may make reference to the visual, literary, performing, and multidisciplinary arts.  What if I informed you there is an artist on the horizon hailed for her 3D Celebrity Visual Art?  Joan Cheri’s paintings are sure to capture the essence

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Forging the Future with Dialogue Houston

If you would like to learn more about who is impacting the Great City of Houston, Dialogue Houston is the platform to embrace and acquire this knowledge.  Through his experience in business, with a compassionate heart, as a producer and host, Laurence J. “Larry” Payne, helps to identify who these leaders are. For 25 years,

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VIDEO: Perry Baker From NFL Heartbreak to the Greatest Rugby Player in the WORLD.

You see him in all his glory but do you know his story? Perry Baker never gave up and used his creative impulse to impact. Inspiration is the fuel to our fire. When we see others in their element it gives us a since of hope. We are encouraged through the connection of unwanted thoughts,

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VIDEO: Christian Crawley on Flute

Born in West Philadelphia. Trained and mentored in Texas. Christian Lee Crawley, is an apprentice of the flute. Recognizable for his leadership skills while functioning on multiple teams, he also leads his students with passion and high expectations. Christian’s teaching style is interchangeable and reinforces the joy of music to his students. His tones and

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VIDEO: Dr. Stephen Klineberg/Interesting Times

To understand the scope of Plans of Action Houston’s mission statement, Dr. Stephen Klineberg’s research must be taken into account. As the founder of the Kinder Institute, not only has he invested over 30 years of research in demographics, he has helped Houstonians to understand the plight of education. As a prominent sociologist, its as

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Video: Who is Jessica Terry? STEM Bridges Houston Gala Chair and more.

Last year we celebrated the Launch, Inaugural Gala and Awards Ceremony of STEM Bridges Houston, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Jacqueline Howard Carr. She is an educator with over 30 years of experience relentlessly equipping STEM Leaders with resources to ensure their success without limitations. As the organization continues to grow, this

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Conversations with the Inspiring Leona Baker

Last year I had the pleasure of participating in an interview with Voyage Houston Magazine. As adults, there are many people, places and principles that shape our lives through inspiration. To be noted as inspiring is truly an honor. It is what I feel upon interacting with others who have a guiding light of hope.

Read More.

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