Global Power Tour

Global Power Tour

Date October 27, 2018

On October 28, 2018, Plans of Action Houston participated in the Global Power Tour held at hotel Za Za in Houston, TX.  Additionally,  Ms. Baker attended the VIP Dinner held the day before at Fig and Olive.  Many women and community leaders in attendance  at the tour received professional development and/or recognition. Kristi L. Jackson-Muhammad is the CEO.  She has helped to educate women for several years and now owns multiple businesses.


White house recognized and awarded entrepreneur launches 30 city Global Power Tour – A Business Conference for Women Entrepreneurs to help them get laser focused on their businesses, branding, strategy and funding.  Founder, Kristi L. Jackson, is a business strategist, and lead consultant for women CEO Project and launched the Global Power Tour as a way to directly engage women globally with the same business acumen, lessons, and tenacity that has helped her to build this company into a 7 -figure business within 7 years.

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