The Carter Brothers

The Carter Brothers

Date November 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Left to right, photo’s 3 & 5 where taken by the Defender.

On November 10, 2018, Plans of Action Houston was invited to attend the book launch of  The Carter Brothers, Stephen Levi Carter MBA and Dr. Sterling L.Carter. The Defender and other media outlets were in attendance.

Photo credit: The Defender – Photo of Mleeka Wright and Leona Baker and Tristen Sutton and Leona Baker.

Double your Success, Principles To Build A Multi million-Dollar Business,  is a book for small business owners/entrepreneurs young and old.  It’s an excellent resource for scaling your brand up to the multi-million dollar level and beyond.

“It’s great to dream big. But it’s also important to set realistic expectations when starting and then growing a business.  That’s been one of the keys to the success of Sterling Staffing Solutions.  By being realistic about our ability to grow, and then carefully planning, researching, and reassessing as we went, we’ve gone from having a single person manning the phone from their home to a five-thousand square-foot headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, where twenty employees oversee administration for a team of eight hundred contract clinicians in remote offices.” ~ The Carter Brothers

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