Inspire Women

Inspire Women

Date June 9, 2019

On June 9, 2019, Leona Baker, CEO of Plans of Action Houston, completed the Leadership Academy at Inspire Women.  This educational experience has better prepared her to overcome emotions that inhibit women in leadership meant to change the world while helping them to lead in integrity and wisdom.  Inspire Women has been a pillar in the Houston Community for more than 20 years.  Mrs. Anita Carman is the CEO and Founder.  Her work along with a dedicated team has literally helped to transform the  lives of women and future leaders for generations to come.

January 3, 2017, Plans of Action Houston became a member of Anita Carman’s Book Launch Team!  The message in the book is beyond powerful and thought provoking.
As explained in the words of Tatiana, Director of Operations at Inspire Women:

“Net proceeds from this book benefit the training of women for ministry!  In addition, this story is very near and dear to me, because Anita has played a huge role in my spiritual journey and her mother is a big part of why the ministry of Inspire Women exists.  This was such a hard book for Anita to write because she transparently shares with the world all the pain and broken dreams of her mother’s life and suicide, yet in the midst of all the tragedies God never forgot her mother’s tears and you will see God’s beautiful story of redemption which offers hope to all women.”



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