Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas

Date September 16, 2019 Author Leona Baker

On September 16, 2019, Plans of Action Houston was invited to be a member of Gary’s Book Launch Team.  Gary Thomas is a prolific writer and Minister. Considering the impact his work has made in the lives of families throughout Texas, the US and beyond, it is an honor to expose families to his educational materials.

“humility calls us to realize that what is toxic for us may not be toxic for others. If you have a toxic experience with someone that leaves you frustrated and discouraged, rethinking conversations late at night, finding your blood pressure rising, and (especially this!) seeing it keep you from being present with loved ones long after the toxic interaction is over, then for you that relationship isn’t healthy. But I’m reluctant to too hastily apply the label “toxic” in an absolutist sense.”
― Gary L. Thomas, When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom from Toxic People 

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