CLICK THE FLYER: Disclaimer & Legalities:

I. Operating Filing Status

Plans of Action Houston is a limited liability company (LLC) founded in the great state of Texas.  

II. Trademarks & Copy Rights

Plans of Action Houston is a trademark entity. It is protected with privileges authorized within the state of Texas and throughout the United States of America  as outlined in the federal  Trademark Act of 1946, The Texas trademark law, the Assumed Business, Professional Name Act and common law. Plans of Action Houston is also protected under the seal of copyright office in accordance with title 17, United States Code. 

III. Operating Disclaimer 

Our website, YouTube channel, additional media outlets, resources,  free documents, shared information about community partners, products and anything in the likeness of the aforementioned are resources for educational and informational purposes only.  Any information shared or purchased should not take the place of hiring a lawyer for clarity. Utilizing our free resources or products & services does not create a consultant-client business relationship between you and Plans of Acton Houston,  community partners and attorneys without a standard MOU or contractual agreement. Customized legal advice is not provided within any of our resources, products or services. Instead, resources we provide are designed to make you aware of possible options to obtain and maintain life impacting supplies for your personal and professional growth while perhaps (as applied) providing tools that you can use to meet your tailored needs.

IV. Products & Services

Your use of products and services  are subject to our terms and conditions, which customers/clients are encouraged to read. 

V. Referrals – Plans of Action Houston is not a referral site. We can not in good faith consistently validate products and services of entities or individual listed on our website.  Excellence is subject to expectations, and understanding which vary per individuals perceptions and/or reality. Instead, to be clear, we expose, educate and enlighten individuals upon visiting our site.

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