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Click on the podcast link below and experience a personal look into the life of  Malik Rose, a product of Overbrook High School and Drexel University!  The two time NBA Champion (1999 & 2003), San Antonio Spur Hall of Fame winner is very candid about his experience growing up in Philly. Rose played 13 seasons in the NBA.  Leona Baker, his former classmate, is not shy about pulling out those golden nuggets filled with the many lessons his mother taught him along with mentors during his reign in the NBA and prior to.  This episode will be for everyone.  It’s the perfect program for a family to gather together and enjoy the storytelling experience.  Malik is a true leader and example for men and our youth of all ages.


SEASON II. Connect on YouTube or Podcast Outlets for a complete review of season two interviews and/or virtual trailers.

TRAILER: Houston’s Business Blue Print Part I. Check out part II. On YouTube

TRAILER: Wynnefield’s Warrior. Joey ZaZalino

FULL EPISODE: Wynnefield’s Warrior. Joey ZaZalino



TRAILER: Dr. Michelle Fennick 


FULL EPISODE: Dr. Michell Fennick


TRAILER: Eli-Lu Twins




SEASON I. Connect on YouTube or Podcast Outlets for a complete review of season one interviews and/or virtual trailers.

TRAILER: Malik Rose


PODcast: Malik Rose



Join us for our Season Finale Next week! November 11, 2020. You will find full episodes on Anchor, Spotify, www.plansofactionhouston.com and your specific podcast outlet. All of the visual trailers are on youtube with limited full episodes as well. *CONNECT Connect with us on facebook, instagram @planshouston and other social media outlets. *ABOUT WYNTER PATTERSON “Wynter is currently starring on OWN Network’s “Ready to Love Last Resort” The one-hour series follows grown and sexy men and women looking for lasting love, but this time they’ll be quarantined together at a secluded mountain resort with no outside distractions. The new season will premiere on Friday, October 23 at 9 p.m. EST as a part of the network’s new night of unscripted fall programming.Wynter Patterson is a dynamic Television Personality, Host, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Published Author.” To hear her entire bio, be there next week for the PODcast.



PODcast: Wynter Patterson 


PODcast: YOUTUBE Channel “Ready to Love” Review Wynter Patterson

Ready to Love is OWN-TV’s Hot new show about singles finding love. This year Season Three features a cast from Houston, Texas.  Leona Baker supported the show and all the Houstonian’s in attendance by identifying 11 Lesson’s Learned from 10 exceptional castmates.

TRAILER: Anthony Beverley “TMT Money Shi”

November 11, 2020 on the season finale of Season One on the Inspiration Incubator, join us for a real, raw and uncut conversation with Philadelphia’s Anthony Beverley, “TMT Money Shi. Full episodes are on Anchor, Spotify, www.plansofactionhouston.com or your specific podcast outlet. All Trailers and limited full episodes are on Youtube. “Anthony is a Multimillionaire, owns a portfolio of over 300 properties and 4 corporate healthcare agencies.” ~ US Reporter.   For now, you can find him on instagram @moneyteamshi or to learn more, he is featured in several articles. Although he has been interviewed several times, this interview with The Inspiration Incubator is like none other. We revisit Anthony’s faith, habits and actions since elementary school that led him to overcome street violence, and securing his initial real estate investment deals, yielding 50 million dollars.



PODcast: Anthony Beverley “TMT Money Shi”


TRAILER: Sonjia Pelton-Sam

*About Sonjia, according to her bio, Join us on 11-11-20 for the season finale of Season One on “The Inspiration Incubator.” We have committed to honoring and showcasing the lives of Cancer Survivors, essentially Breast Cancer. Enjoy your bonus episodes and educate yourself to be prepared should you be diagnosed. *About Sonjia as she explained below. Certified Life & Business Coach. Passionate about helping women maximize their full potential in life & business. I study and research the best teaching tools and utilize them with my own life lessons to create coaching programs for individuals just like you. MY coaching concept is NEW & state of the art. 


PODcast: Sonjia Pelton-Sam


TRAILER: Karen Jackson

Join us for our Season Finale Next week! November 11, 2020. You will find full episodes on Anchor, Spotify, www.plansofactionhouston.com and your specific podcast outlets. All of the visual trailers are on youtube with limited full episodes as well. *CONNECT Connect with us on facebook, instagram @planshouston and other social media outlets. *ABOUT KAREN JACKSON Connect with Karen at https://www.sistersnetworkinc.org/ and on Instagram @sistersnetwork *BIO Karen Eubanks Jackson, Founder/CEO of Sisters Network® Inc. (SNI), a 26-year four time breast cancer survivor is recognized nationally as a true visionary and national leader in the African American breast cancer movement. Sisters Network is the nation’s only African American breast cancer survivorship organization. Jackson continues to lead Sisters Network’s nationwide effort to focus the spotlight on increasing breast cancer awareness in the African American community.


PODcast: Karen Jackson


TRAILER: Sy Bryant

Sy Bryant is a native Philadelphian, a product of Overbrook High School and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. His educational roots in Philadelphia continued as he attended Temple University graduating with a BA in Computer Science, and later attended Drexel University to acquire a Masters of Business Administration.  With over two decades of experience, he has excelled in the pharmaceutical industry. Dedication and consistency have always been traits demonstrative of his character. As a result, his relentless pursuit to sustain and prioritize his family is admirable. Sy is a doting husband. Through his union with Tomika Bryant, together they have two teenagers, a lovely daughter and confident son.  You can find him on social media at @sy1bryant and his website is www.sy1bryant.com


PODcast: Sy Bryant 



Join us on October 21, 2020 on “The Inspiration Incubator”, A Podcast powered by Plans of Action Houston.
About Ontaria Kim Wilson;
Ontaria Kim Wilson is a native of Philadelphia, PA. She has over 29 years in the entertainment industry. She began her journey with the world renowned Rennie Harris Puremovement Hip Hop Theatre Company in 1991. She was a founding member and bid farewell to the company in 1997 to go on tour with R & B recording artist, Gina Thompson. She toured with Gina Thompson throughout the USA and Europe for a year.
In 1998 she toured with Hip Hop recording Artist Eve as a background dancer and choreographer. While with Eve she was honored to perform on the following television shows: Soul Train, Show Time at The Apollo, NFL Under The Helmet, Motown Live, and The Conan O’Brien Show. To read her complete bio, please log onto her website ontariawilsonllc.com



TRAILER:  (Dr. J) Jacqueline Howard Carr Ph. D. 

Join us tomorrow 10-14-20 at 7:00 PM CST on Spotify, Anchor, Radiopublic, www.plansofactionhouston.com or your favorite podcast outlet.  Together, Dr. J and I will explore her journey in STEM. Below you will find an excerpt of Dr. J’s bio. .  For now, you can also click on the youtube video below.  “Mrs. Howard Carr affectionately known as Dr. J, was born in Ohio, raised in Indiana, and became an adult in California. She holds a Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees, all in Education with specializations in Family and Community Services and Religious Studies.  As a first-generation college student Dr. J has first-hand knowledge of how a college preparatory program and strong support system can provide students and families with skills, resources and access to higher education.” Please log onto www.stembridgeshouston.com to read it in its entirety.



TRAILER: Lil John Roberts

Did you know music is a universal language, mood changer, improves memory, eases pain, provides comfort, improves cognition, helps to regulate emotions, creates happiness and relaxation?
On 09.30.20 join us at the Inspiration Incubator, a PODcast powered by Plans of Action Houston. “Lil John Roberts.” The Educator. The Music. The Man & The Prodigy.  Arguably, John is the most prolific drummer of our generation. He has worked with Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff, Neyo and just about all the musical icons.   Together, we take a journey revisiting the exposure and his experiences that led to his overwhelming success.  You can find his album “The Hearbeat” on Spotify, Youtube and more. To view his full bio, log onto liljohnroberts.com. You can find him on most social media outlets Lil John Roberts @liljohnroberts and Last but not least, John is also an #Overbrookpanther


PODcast: Lil John Roberts


YOUTUBE: Lil John Roberts Full Song Space: 

TRAILER: Marina Angelica Coryat

Are you ready to “Prepare for Due (DU) Season” With Minister, Advisor, Community Leader, Marina Coryat? Click the Link below to join us!
All PODcast episodes are on Anchor, Spotify or Plans of Action Houston’s website. Marina Angelica Coryat is the Owner of Refined Communications, LLC. She is an innovative, strategic and results-driven business relations leader with extensive experience in public affairs and community relations in corporate, non-profit, and governmental arenas. She also serves as the Communications Director for Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson.  Marina has a solid track record to lead and inspire by positively creating strategies, developing programs and building strong relationships. Some of her experience has been for organizations such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, McDonald’s franchise owners, and the City of Houston.  As a goal-oriented advocate of continuous improvement, she solves problems creatively to exceed expectations, generate revenue, minimize expenses and contribute to overall company branding, growth and morale. She was also a political candidate on the November 2019 ballot for Houston’s City Council.


PODcast: Marina A. Coryat


TRAILER: Doctor Tamara Beckford

Join Us Tonight 7:00, September 16, 2020 pm CST, Anchor, Spotify, or plansofactionhouston.com where all of the podcast episodes are listed. Telemedicine may be perfect for some of your medical needs. Doctor Beckford is passionate about patient care. She loves educating her patients about ways to improve their health. As the Founder, she is launching a telemedicine urgent care named UR Caring Docs. To sign up for services or contact Dr. Tamara Beckford urcaringdocs.com


PODcast: Doctor Tamara Beckford

Plans of Action Houston celebrates the life and legacy of Chadwick Boseman.

Houston’s Honorable Hollingsworths –  The Doctors are in the building.

Mrs. Hollingsworth possesses a Doctoral in Clinical Psychology, owns and operates two Psychological Practices while instructing as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology at Texas Southern University.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hollingsworth possesses his Doctorate in Chemistry. He is a member of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of St. Thomas (UST) in Houston, Texas. In addition to leading a research team, Dr. Hollingsworth serves as the faculty co-advisor for the UST Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS), as well as the UST Chapter of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE).
This is just the tip of the iceberg! Did I mention their daughter has an animated youtube channel, Gracie’s Corner, and they are a family of five?
Let’s unpack these two this Wednesday, as they share details about their journey, together.
TRAILER: Hollingsworths

PODcast: Hollingsworths


Houston’s Hispanic Hero, Hugo Mojica – During this episode with Hugo, he has been quoted as saying “I am the embodiment of the American Dream.”  We thoroughly enjoyed his journey as a Community Leader here in Houston Texas.   Following his interview Hugo was nominated by Plans of Action Houston for the Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Community Activist Award.

“In recognition of this year’s #HispanicHeritageMonth, I join the Mayor’s Hispanic Advisory Board to honor five exemplary Houstonians.  The individuals were nominated by community members and selected by the Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Awards (MHHA) Committee for their outstanding contributions toward improving the quality of life within the Houston Hispanic community.  To learn more about Hugo: http://www.hugomojica.org/

PODcast: Hugo Mojica

TRAILER: Felicia Young

In The Huddle with Felicia Young –  During Episode 2 of Season 1, Felicia Young shares her journey of faith.  Years ago, when she was at her lowest point in life, Ms. Young received a prophecy that God would greatly bless her through her only beloved son. After overcoming many obstacles, her son did indeed get drafted by the NFL . Join her on a true testament of God’s plan.  http://www.thefeliciayoungministries.com/

PODcast: Felicia Young

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